Custom & Bespoke Cardboard Boxes

We’re experts at crafting the ideal custom and bespoke cardboard boxes tailor made for your requirements quickly and effectively. Our simple approach makes it easy to plan and specify your desired custom or bespoke box and receive a fast and competitive quote from one of the Egyption leading manufacturers and suppliers of bespoke and custom cardboard boxes.We provide a complete service from specification, design and manufacture. Producing the perfect cardboard boxes, delivered direct to your door!

Your Bespoke Box in 4 Simple Steps

Bespoke Custom Boxes | GoldenPacks

Choose Box Style

We manufacture cardboard box styles dictated by the world renowned FEFCO (European Corrugated Packaging Association). Browse through the styles of FEFCO cartons and choose the perfect style for your bespoke cardboard box!

Bespoke Custom Boxes | GoldenPacks

Size and Thickness

Now is the time to determine the finer details required to make your cardboard box truly bespoke! Specify the required internal dimensions of the custom cardboard box; be sure to measure the length, width and depth suitable to package your goods. Next comes the thickness; select whether you want your bespoke cardboard box to be single wall or double wall thickness for added protection. For more specific board thickness advice, visit our board grade guide.

Bespoke Custom Boxes | GoldenPacks

Add Your Logo

Choose which areas of the carton you’d like to have printed and how many colours you require. We can print up to 5 colours. We always recommend printing your logo and custom content on your bespoke cardboard box for improved brand marketing.

Bespoke Custom Boxes | GoldenPacks

Choose Your Quantity

We cater for bespoke cardboard box manufacturing runs of all sizes, whether short or long. Be sure to consider that the higher the quantity, the lower the cost per unit. Whilst we strive to be as competitive as possible on quotes of all sizes. our goal is to provide you the quality and quantity you need.

Why Choose Golden Packs for Bespoke Boxes

Increase customer satisfaction

Your customers don’t want to have to throw away oversized boxes and the copious amounts of void filler sent with them. Smaller boxes reduce damages and improve your customers’ brand experience.

Reduce infrastructure

Right-sized boxes mean you get more bang for your buck from existing infrastructure. More boxes can fit in a truck, a conveyor, or any other part of your supply chain.

Low Minimum No Setup Cost

With no set-up costs for printing plates, cutting die, or other packaging options, you can rest easy knowing your short run estimates are fair and competitive.